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Get informed about clinical pictures, diagnostics and treatment options

Aneurysm - local extension of blood vessels

Aneurysms are outgrowths/protrusions of arteries that threaten the patient either by their mass effect or by a rupture that results in bleeding. Neuroradiology provides all available endovascular therapies for intracranial aneurysms (coiling, stent assistive tertes coiling, flow diverter stents, intra aneurysmal flow diverter (WEB)).

Stent angioplasty - Elimination of cervical- and cerebral arteries constriction

The narrowing of carotic arteries, as a consequence of arteriosclerosis or breaching of neck arteries, is a frequent cause of stroke and circulatory disorders of the brain. This can be prevented or eliminated, through an invasive implantation of a flexible stent.
While intervention below the mandibular “angle” is to be considered as an alternative to  open surgery,  intervention above the jaw, in particular from the base of the skull, is the only eligible approach, if conservative interventions are insufficient.

Treatment of an acute stroke

The closure of a cerebral artery is a medical emergency. This results, (depending on the size of the sealed brain vessel), in degrees of neurological deficiencies/deficits, such as speech disorders or paralysis.Polonged closure is a major strain and if it occurs over a long section, drug treatment has little chance of success.  However,drug treatment and be replaced by endovascular methods, which remove the clot mechanically from the affected vessel. Because time plays a key role, the earlier the treatment is initiated, the greater the expected beneficial effect.
[Englische Übersetzung] Der Schlaganfall (auch Gehirnschlag) ist gekennzeichnet durch den Verschluss einer Hirnarterie und ist ein medizinischer Notfall. Je nach Größe des verschlossenen Hirngefäßes kommt es zu neurologischen Funktionsausfällen wie Sprachstörungen oder Lähmungen.

Die medikamentöse Auflösung hat wenig Erfolg, ist ein Hauptstamm über einen längeren Abschnitt verschlossen. Dies kann durch endovaskuläre Verfahren sinnvoll ergänzt werden, bei denen das Blutgerinnsel mechanisch aus dem betroffenen Gefäß entfernt wird. Je früher die gezielte Therapie eingeleitet wird, desto größer ist der zu erwartende günstige Effekt.

Dural AV-fistulae

Certain circumstances, such as the result of increased pressure or thrombosis in the venous system, can lead to an opening of smaller short circuit connections to the dura mater.
Unnoticed, the overflowing blood can cause an increase in pressure in the veins, and can effect symptoms, that range from local loss of functions, such as dizziness or blurred vision to a global brain performance degradation, that induce intellectual reduction/lessening and memory disorder.
A pulsatile tinnitus may indicate the existence of a dural arteriovenous fistula.
If the blood of the eye veins is retained, symptoms similar to conjunctivitis, such as swelling and redness, occur.

Arteriovenous malformations (AVM) - congenital malformations of the blood vessels

Arteriovenous malformations (AVM), are "glomeruli" with direct short-circuit connections of arteries and veins with the consequence of an increase in pressure in the venous system, while simultaneously arterial blood is withdrawn from the brain due to the short circuit. The resulting symptoms are very variable, ranging from headaches to seizures to bleeding in the brain. A therapy is not always necessary, in the case it is helpful and needs to be undertaken, in combination with neurosurgery and radiotherapy, all modern therapy can be performed.

Pain therapy

For diagnostic and therapeutic purposes, it is possible to achieve deactivation/shut off of nerve endings through image controlled flooding of drugs along the spine.
This can be performed for example in cases of spinal disc herniation, with painful, but otherwise not critical compression of nerve roots. In cases where the pain arises from the small vertebral joints, such treatments as injections are sometimes capable of creating  sustained relief.